Servicing Golden Beach, Caloundra, the Sunshine Coast and Queensland!

Vision Design Planning is based right here on the Sunshine Coast. Our staff have been invovled in the local planning and development scene for over a decade, understand the local issues, and have a proven track record in delivering successful project outcomes.

Specialised services provided to the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay regions include:

  • The preparation, lodgement and negotiation of development applications. From Duplex applications and "1 lot into 2 lot" subdivision applications, through to multi-use developments requiring the co-ordination of specialist engineering, surveying, environmental and architectural input, we can do the lot for you.
  • Changes to Development Approvals, including requests for Extensions of Time. Don't get caught out! We'll help you keep your development rights and entitlements up to date!
  • Development advice, feasibility and "best and highest use" studies, to ensure that you know what can and can't be achieved on you land, and achieve the best return on your investment.
  • Subdivision design and Master Planning. Whether it 2 lots or a whole community, our staff have been involved in the design of some of the Sunshine Coast's most successful urban development projects. Let us use our expereince and skills to deliver unique and exciting project outcomes. 
  • Urban Design, Streescape Design and Park Design. Vision Design Planning can provide you with holistic design services that will create a unique and locally relevant theme for your projects, urban form, buildt form and landscaping. This can reduce the need to engage multiple professionals, and can help compress approval processes and timeframes.
  • Development Concept Planning. Got the seed of an idea? Need to know the rules and regulations that will shape your development? Let us work with you to turn your thoughts into a project Vision, concepts and development schemes.
  • Preparation of Development Guidelines. Sometimes it is necessary to support your development plan with guidelines and controls that shape how the project is delivered in the medium to long term. For examples, housing covenants, commercial and civic use development controls and landscaping controls can help ensure that you vision is delivered through future owners and users.

Servicing Queensland!

Vision Design Planning provides urban design, subdivision design and master planning services to the wider Queensland area. Our staff have worked with some of the country's largest development and consulting firms - Delfin, Lend Lease, Stockland and Pelican Waters to name a few. 

We know how to create fantastic, exciting and engaging communties that respond to the unique attributes and characterictics of those settings, delivering sense of place, affordability and a great return on investment.

It all starts with a Vision.

Landscape plan Sunshine Coast